Get the first taste of bliss as we experiment with our favorite summer herbs, spices, and flavors.

All treats are paired with teas that will leave you walking away on cloud 9. 

Our Gift To Your 5 Senses

The Bruja Collective presents a summer series that brings you into our kitchen as we experiment with different flavors and remedies for lifting the spirit while healing the body.

We invite you to join us as we explore all the ways organic food can enhance your mindset while exciting your taste buds. 

Chief Bruja

Tasting Event

Experience what our featured chef conjures up and go soaring into the rest of your evening.
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Chef's Table

Taste everything first and participate in the experimentation with a front row seat.
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Tasting Event

Take home handmade creations from local Chicago craftswomen and men.
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Nurture with nature

Any Time Is Tea Time

We know the power of a cup of tea. This is why we blend fresh, organic herbs from both local and global farmers; using the best ingredients from around the world to offer you the most delectable (and powerful) brew.

Sana Sana Tea

The soothing properties of Red Raspberry Leaf, Lemon Balm, Peppermint and more deliver a calming relief.


Salute Tea

The healing properties of Turmeric, Black pepper, Cacao, Pu-erh strengthen the mind, body, and spirit.

Brujas Brew Tea

The Cannabis Collection

Crafted by hand and with heart, all products contain 100% organic ingredients, each specifically selected for its natural ability to heal and enhance. The CBD is an added bonus helping the herbs and our bodies communicate

Heal in harmony with nature

Introducting The Bruja Bath Collection

Bath bombs, milk baths, and all sorts of all-natural remedies are currently being conjured up in partnership with several of our favorite local craftswomen and men. Organic supplies are limited, so inventory will be as well. Join our mailing list and be first to know when this collection is released.

Customer & Wholesale Orders Available

Custom orders for special occasions and wholesale orders from local vendors are all welcome. Our community of brujas always eager to partner and create.